Invactor Ningbo Co. Ltd.

We facilitate production in China for companies that Invactor has invested in or companies operating under our “Fast Entry China” concept. The company offers establishment and operational support, including supplier search, sourcing, production, assembly, design and development, as well as logistics and quality management.

HR and financial services are also available, cf. Chinese legislation.

Supplier network

Invactor Ningbo’s extensive supplier network, experienced staff of employees and good production, logistics and office facilities provide an excellent starting point for the partner’s continued growth potential and maintains the course towards the final objective: establishment of own company in China.

Shared service concept

The offer is constructed according to the “Shared service” concept, in which each customer pays a share of the services that are drawn on. This will typically run for a 1 to 3-year period until the customer is fully established with its own production.


Invactor has more than 15 years’ experience when it comes to outsourcing from Europe to China.

Our dedicated purchasing department identifies, selects and validates suitable and reliable suppliers in close collaboration with our quality assurance department and in consultation with our customers and partners.

Long-standing representation in China and our thorough understanding of Chinese business culture enables us to negotiate the best solutions, terms and conditions for our customers and partners.

Our database of trusted suppliers is carefully chosen in accordance with our QMS (Quality Management System). This requires an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and approved supplier audit and appraisal prior to beginning collaboration, with our customers and partners playing a major role in the selection of suppliers.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance based on ISO 9001:2015 and EN-1090

  • Our team is dedicated to quality and has, in close collaboration with our partners, focused on quality assurance for many years. Invactor is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and EN-1090 certification by the Danish Technological Institute. Invactor and our principal suppliers are audited by Danish auditors. The most recent audit took place in June 2018.

Quality inspection

Our quality team consists of dedicated and trusted engineers and inspectors

  • IPQC (In Production Quality Control) is always carried out during production or in the production phase with our sub-suppliers.
  • IQC (Incoming Quality Control) is performed prior to manufacturing and assembly, or prior to shipping to our customers and partners. IQC is based on AQL (Accepted Quality Level) according to our customers’ and partners’ requirements and specifications.
  • FQC & FAT (Final Quality Control / Factory Acceptance Test) are always carried out prior to shipping. The procedures in this regard are drawn up in close consultation with our customers and their requirements and specifications.

All inspection results are documented and collected in a PIR (Production Inspection Report) and forwarded to our customers and partners. Discrepancies will generate an NCR (Non-Conforming Report), which will then be dealt with in consultation with our customers. Invactor has modern inspection and measuring equipment, including mechanical measurement, optical measurement and advanced digital measurement. Material analysis can also be performed on various types of metal alloys.