Invactor Invest

Invactor invests in small and medium-sized businesses which have growth potential. Investment is made in businesses that have their own product (not sub-suppliers), whilst the businesses must have demonstrated that there are sales in, and demand for, the product.

The businesses we deal with will generally have a need for capital to fund market development and establishment of production / sourcing in low-wage countries.

As a rule, Invactor takes the role of minority shareholder with a horizon of 3 to 6 years. During the investment period, Invactor will actively participate on the board, in addition to which the Invactor organisation will make itself available to assist in the establishment of sales and production in China.

Active investor

INVACTOR is an active investor that helps small industrial companies through the streamlining phase.

Invactor Production deals with financing of production and delivery to stock in Denmark. From here, goods can be obtained as and when needed. This reduces the growth company’s liquidity needs and maintains focus on sales.

Focus on industry

INVACTOR works with industrial companies that produce finished goods and which have an established production, an established circle of customers and regular invoicing.

Streamlining of production

INVACTOR’s contribution during the streamlining phase consists in part of capital and in part of knowhow in connection with streamlining of production.
Typically, INVACTOR takes over 15-49% of the enterprise via capital contribution, takes a seat on the board and then actively helps the enterprise to optimise the production process. This will often consist of the establishment of production in China, with a full return on the benefits that this brings.